Frosted Earrings - Rita Griškonytė

Frosted Earrings - Rita Griškonytė

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Clear and yellow frosted glass earrings. Sterling Silver.

Approx. 2cm with 2cm drop 

Rita Griškonytė is a glass artist who lives and works in the North East. One of her passions is creating fused glass jewellery.

Fused glass means that glass objects are created by melting glass in a kiln. It is a process of layering two or more pieces of glass on top of each other and heating them in a kiln to a high temperature where the layers ‘fuse' together.

Rita loves using wide range of colours when creating bespoke glass elements. She also uses only genuine sterling silver. Rita’s earrings are made to drop to a nice length and are very versatile i.e. can dress up or drop any outfit.